Discover the Best Conference Venues in the UK

In the United Kingdom is a variety of unique event & conference venues, each of them offering something slightly different. Although it is said that London is home to a lot of these venues, the rest of the country also offers some interesting alternatives. In order to discover the best conference venues across the UK, continue to read this article.


Battersea Power Station, London

Battersea Power Station is situated on the banks of the River Thames. Even though the location was out of action for about 30 years, it was actually put on the open market again in 2012. Today is being redeveloped into housing and retail space. Meanwhile, the Grade II listed building was and still is home to various events for a number of brands and organizations.

The War Rooms, London

This location was used by BAE for a brand-planning day, and it was without a doubt a real success. The size of the rooms makes this place absolutely perfect for smaller businesses that have an interest in developing new and interesting strategies.

Woburn Centre Parcs, Bedfordshire

Woburn Centre Parcs is actually a chain of holiday parks with several centers across the entire United Kingdom. All of them provide a variety of conference spaces, but the location in Wales is the most modern one. This brand new complex has a hotel with not more and not less than 75 rooms and 625 self-catering lodges. The huge advantage is that it is very close to London, at just 50-minute distance by train. 

Craig Y Nos Castle, Wales

Craig Y Nos Castle is a Victorian country house, with several function rooms as well as facilities for conference organizers. The settle of this place lends itself to events for which nature and tradition are the main themes, combined with amazing views of the surrounding parkland.

The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project was opened in 2001, and it is today one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cornwall and a great center for environmental education. This location provides a number of packages as well as solutions for conferences and events organizers in order to cater to all needs and wants.

The Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University

The famous Cambridge University features several conference centers. The most modern one is the Computer Laboratory, the perfect place for technology events or conferences. Even though the building is relatively new, the department has been around for many years, and it was actually the first to offer a Computer Science degree in 1953. There is no doubt that this would be an excellent setting for an interesting conference on technology and innovation.

Lords Cricket Ground, London

This is one of the most amazing sporting venues in the world. Lords Cricket Ground is known as the home of cricket, and it features several interesting conference & event locations, such as the Media Centre and the Roof Terrace. The advantage of this place is that it has the facilities to cater to events of all sizes, advantage that other locations do not have.


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