Audience Response System - find out what your people really think!

OptionPower audience response voting system

OptionPower is a wireless interactive audience response voting system.

How would you like to take a vote or get audience feedback during an event and use that information in real time as well as record it for later reference? No Problem! OptionPower will let you do just that, easily integrating into your Powerpoint presentations.

OptionPower audience response system voting handsets

This system allows you to involve your audience more, getting immediate feedback and reaction, and keeping their attention. It's ideal for conferences, training, discussion and decision making, voting, and surveys. Or, why not have a quiz during your event for some light relief!

We also have an SMS system available which can be set up to allow people to send SMS messages direct to the speakers in real time. This could be used, for example, during an event to allow people to suggest questions for a Q&A session at the end, or to raise issues for discussion.

These systems can be used in the Conference Hall or any of the training rooms.

Please call us to discuss further and to find out just how easy they are to use for your next event.